How to use a Body Scrub

We want to get right to work on achieving that smooth, glowing skin! Here’s how to properly use a body scrub to reap all of the skin softening benefits.

  • How often? This is your preference and dependent on your skin’s dryness/sensitivity. Knowing how your skin responds after your first scrub and when it begins to feel dry again is a good gauge on how often you’ll like to use it, be it daily or weekly.
  • Don’t use a scrub before shaving your legs as that may be too much irritation in combination with a salt scrub.
  • Upon opening, stir the product from the bottom of the jar upwards to re-distribute the mixture of salt and oils that naturally settle. It’s a good idea to stir before every use! Always use care around the shower or slippery surfaces.
  • Using a body scrub on dry skin increases it’s exfoliating power, so it’s especially good for areas where skin is tougher like elbows, knees and feet. If you have sensitive skin, you’ll want to start with wet skin first. Warm water and steam will help soften the skin for exfoliation if you prefer a gentler scrub, and is a good idea for sensitive spots.
  • A regular spoon sized amount goes into the palms and is rubbed on skin in gentle, circular motions, spending extra time on skin’s driest spots. Start from feet up or arms down. Always use a spoon to scoop out product to keep wet hands away from the jar of scrub.
  • Rinse away the scrub will lukewarm water, and then pat to dryYou don’t want to remove any of the Coconut Oil (if you’re using Isle of Luxe) that’s been deposited onto your skin because that seals in moisture and your glow!

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