Adding Body Oil to your beauty routine

In the Fall & Winter, lack of humidity and cold air causes your skin to become flaky and dry. If you’ve always used a lotion or cream, try adding a body oil to your routine.

While some heavy body oils can leave your skin feeling greasy,  choosing a product with the right oils will enhance the quality of your skin because they soak in quickly and deeply for long lasting softness. Our CocoShine Body Glow contains a balance of oils with both low and high absorption rates, the higher Grape Seed and Apricot is balanced by the slower absorbing Coconut and Jojoba oil- meaning you get maximum moisture and maximum absorption- locked in for all day softness and shine.

  • Need an extra boost of shine after our Glowing Body Polish? CocoShine body glow!
  • Hair need softness, shine & texture? CocoShine body glow!
  • Want the benefits of the oils in our Glowing Body Polish but need to travel? CocoShine body glow!
  • Need the GLOW wherever you go? CocoShine body glow!6-IMG_9242


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